Whippin’ tha Lambo, Factory Original Porsche Seats and The Housewives of Beverly Hills Pink and Purple Ride.

New Tinted Window on Porsche CabrioletRumble Seat on Model A

Model A  1931 RoadsterWhite and Purple Hod Rod SeatsClient’s Porsche  has a cloudy window and an inoperative Convertible Top Function.   We fixed the mechanism,  added fluid to the motor, and  installed a Lightly  Tinted Plastic Window.

Current NBA Player (who shall remain anonymous) can’t fit inside his Brand New Lamborghini.   Has to drive with his  Shoes off, because he’s too tall.   Emergency situation,  what to do?   Markel’s is brought in to modify the entire seating area, all the more difficult because there really isn’t any room to work with.  So between  modifying and extending the seat tracks and removing padding in the most strategic way from the seat back, and  the structural steel frame has a little bit of foam fat I can remove and replace with Dynamat.   We gained about 4 inches for the Client.

Porsche 1974 Carrera  has  dark blue pigskin seats, and client wants it all correctly reupholstered.    Upon  exhaustive research,  we  chose the  matching  materials,  fixed the frame to make these  worn out seats look  right again, repadded  them, and installed  new upholstery to make this owner  happy and comfortable.

Porsche 1974 Carrera Seats

The Housewives of Beverly Hills  has a New Ride on the Horizon.  A 1931 Model A Ford Roadster   Hotrod,  now painted Hot Hot Pink has  been Fully Redone  using modern low back bucket seats, a  functional  rumble seat and  new wood covered door panels.  All done in a  Snow White Marine Grade Vinyl, with  Purple Piping and Accents. New Lamborghini Seat  ProjectLamborghini Seat