April Post brings May Flowers and Showers

Artistic Motorcycle Seats IMG_20130329_143229This  month  is usually a quiet time of year,  as people  prepare and file their taxes,   drawing  in and  conserving  seems to be what is on many folks minds.   Time  spent  at the   shop now is doing some necessary Top replacement due to age, sometimes vandalism  and  those  pesky  mechanical issues,  as to why won*t my Electric Top work properly are being addressed and  repaired.    VW  Bug  had  broken  rear regulators, and the top works in sequence,  rear windows go down and so does the Punch Buggy Beetle.

Here is a picture of 2 motorcycle seats, one down in Channel style and the other ridgeback tuck and roll sitting on an  Eames Chair.

Here*s a partially completed  stairway on a 34 Foot  Powerboat.  More pictures to follow soon.