March Brings Family, Acro Yoga and Motorcycle Seats

Big month in the World of Markels  as  Fred and  Kate Hauswirth  both   turn  91 years young.     Here are a few family shots of  my Daughter  with my Mom  and  Dad,  my  Brother  Harvey, and  then there is  Skylar   also portrayed in an   Acro Yoga  Pose.    Motorcycle  seats  are  being  done all the time.

Seat Heaters  are installed along with lots of orthopedic seating adjustments.   Then there is the incontinent canine  situation that seems to find their way over here.   Not a glamorous   gig but no one wants their car to  reek or have their  upholstery literally disintegrate  due to dog pee.

Markel’s  is currently in the middle of  repairing 2 Retractable Convertible Tops,  one a  1965 Red Ford Thunderbird, and a 1964  Lincoln Continental.   Both cars  have staggering   amounts of electrical issues, that all have to be  traced down and individually repaired.   The Sistine Chapel  seems to be an easier project some days.    But with skill and patience  these cars are coming to life again.      Pictures to follow  next installment.Fred Hauswirth, Heather Hauswirth and I in Rancho Mirage for Fathers Day IMG_1411 IMG_1413 IMG_1424 IMG_1439 IMG_1449