Mercedes Benz & Ferrari – New Top & Repair

We install a few SL tops a month.

Mercedes Benz SL 500 new convertible top

This SL 500 receives a new correct German canvas top, headliner and window.


No need to always replace a top.

This limited edition track ready Ferrari F430 Spyder had a torn top due to vandalism.

Ferrari F430 Spyder Ferrari F430 Spyder Ferrari F430 Spyder Ferrari F430 Spyder


We offered a simple yet effective solution.

















(The camera actually makes the repair more obvious thanks to the flash however in person the seam is not so shiny)

MBZ 1960 190 SL

Here was a 190 SL, wherein we removed the front carpeting and installed Original Mercedes Benz Rubber Flooring.

The client had purchased this car, with a strange greenish  wrong color top  on it.  We installed a Correct Black   German Canvas Top,  Made a Black Canvas Boot, Repaired the Front Inner Kick Panels, added New Square Weave Carpeting to the Rear Board and Rear Back.   The  Side Cables were way out of alignment,  corrected that and then installed a Chrome Rear Bow Molding.   The nails were huge and had to be pre drilled, and delicately installed.  Note also that the wrinkles you might see will draw up  when left out in the sun for a few days..  The  seat  back bumpers were non existent.  We made some so it looks great and original.  1960 190 SL MBZ 1960 190 SL MBZ 1960 190 SL MBZ 1960 190 SL MBZ