Client  brought me in his  race  seats from his Porsche,  and wanted me to upholster them using  blue jeans  that he wore………so what was I supposed to do?………..They came out  great,   and certainly,  a  unique   comfortable look……

Not every job is a big one…a lot of times, we do those small annoying tears, and eliminate the stains, burn holes that happen in life.

e.g.  spilled  coffee*s ,  latte*s ,   drinks,    milk products better  have  quick attention,  or you*re going to deal with the consequences   big time…….

Lots of leaky  cars   have  plugged up drains,  and  slight sunroof adjustments   can mean the difference between  dry, versus   smelly mold growing  experiments.

Office  chairs  don*t need to be replaced,    if you merely want to beef them up,  or add padding.,  to bring them  up and ready for the new year.

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