Orthopedic Seating is more than sitting up straight

August was another busy month at Markel’s. It seems we are doing more and more work on peoples seating. Be it in one’s car, or Wheelchair. Everyone deserves the chance to sit up straight because they are supported in all the right ways. A charming young man, who is handicapped came to the shop with his Father who was distraught. His Son was miserable and was at his wits end. He had been to many “Specialists” who had him sitting literally in a hole, wherein his knees were higher up than his torso. The dreaded “Turtle Back”. One look at the pain this Young Man was in, and I knew we had to do something.
Markel’s reupholstered his Wheelchair in Cool Materials that He approved. Shiny and Fun, we got him sitting up straight, with Arm Rests that were Wide Enough to support him, his back and cushion got firmer upholstery padding, and his headrest was also modified. We gave his foot support additional firm padding, and when the finished product was sat upon. The young man was thrilled. It’s hard to describe how important it is, to be supported in life, whether you are sitting down, laying down or walking,keep your head up, shoulders back, and heart forward.


Comfortable Wheelchair Modification  Cool and ComfortablePorsche 356 Cabriolet57 Chevy Bel Aire ConvertibleYes, we have been working on some real beauties lately. Stay tuned for 2 Brand New Lexus SUV’s being shipped to Uzbekistan? New interiors, custom designs.

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