October @ Markels

Been  a  busy summer and now fall @  Markel’s.  Lots of Upholstery Jobs, big and small, 740 I New Drivers Seat and Back to Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Simple Furniture, Complex Furniture, Lots of Orthopedic Seat Adjustments on different cars, specifically horrific factory seat positioning on VW Jetta.  We completed a 1968 Chevy Impala for a ton of restoration work. Ferrari’s have been coming in due to Dash Shrinkage all over the place. Wherein we remove the cluster and upholster it,  amend and repair as necessary the  pillar posts. other parts of the front and rear dashes in these all leather clad interiors.

Recently visiting the Enchanting Island of  Bali,  has  given me a new perspective on present and future of  life in and out of an automobile.  Be comfortable is probably the most important thought in that direction. No matter where or what you are doing, or not doing.  Coupled with  eternal vigilance keeps your eye on the target.  Enjoy some of the pictures of projects in works.

Another  feature of our work here is the amelioration of  EMF’s using Magnetic Shielding Foil.  Whether you are driving a Toyota Prius, Highlander, Tesla, or Chevy Volt, you are all sitting in of intense electric waves of energy that some people feel are not good for you.

BMW 740 I Drivers Seata

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