Miata Reinvented,64 Corvette Roadster Heaven, Barber Chairs, Dress Up a 650 I.

Been another busy month at Markel’s. 2 Year Old 650 I Convertible wanted an update. We made Jet Black Sheepskin Vests for the Front Seats with Matching Fur mats on the floor. Oh and we also upholstered the client’s dog basket and armrest.

A beat up Mazda Miata came in for a make over. New Tan Vinyl Top and 2 Tone Leather seats that mirror the interior and silver paint on the outside.

Pristine 64 Corvette needed a New Top and Soft Top Rubbers, happy dentist (and you know how fussy dentists can be).

Local business man has a barber shop with old worn out seats. Markel’s to the rescue. 4 chairs with original design Barber Shop Reupholstery with Piping Too64 Corvette with New Top and Rubbers Installed2 Tone Mazda Miata with Tan Leather and  Silver Perforated  Inserts.2 Tone Mazda Miata with Tan Leather and  Silver Perforated  Inserts.2012 Prius with Charcoal Leather and  Red Perforated Inserts650 I Convertible with Sheepskin Vests and matching Sheepskin FloormatsFinished Miata ready for the RoadBefore shot of Mazda Miata Makeover but adding white piping for bounce and beauty.

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