Mayday, Mayday, Please Restore my Cadillac to it’s Original Glory.

Snow White Leather Seats  Ready for ActionCadillac 1/4 Panels Upper and LowerCadillac Dash, Upper and LowerWorking on a 75 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, with a  Snow White Leather Interior.   Seats have been  reworked totally, including the mechanisms, cleaned and greased,working smoothly finally.  With a New Top, Rear Glass Window, Pads, Door Panels,Trunk, and all parts ready to install, this car is going to be  really lovely.   We have removed, and reupholstered the upper and lower dash,  because  there were tons of cracks, and we found  some wonderful material that matches the grain and reupholstered it .  Stay tuned  for the completed project very soon.

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