May Blog 2013-Ryan Gosling Restaurant, 240 Z Award Winning Interior

240 Z Nationals Interior WinnerMid May  Finds Markels  busy with  new projects and old ones.   We  took first place for interiors in the 2013 Datsun Z  Nationals Contest, with over 500 entries.   Who says that Chartreuse and  Black can*t work together, with a  Channel Pattern?

Lotus Race car from the 60*s was refurbished  to make the 900 lb. vehicle  comfortable and sleek.  Looking forward now to restoring dashboards for  BMW 3.0*s and 2002 BMW*s.

A  Moroccan Themed Restaurant was done in the Beverly Hills area in classic comfortable style.   Apparently Ryan Gossling is the  behind the scenes owner.  Right on Robertson Blvd. just north of Wilshire.

A new top on a brand new  Chevy Camaro was installed, when vandalism strikes.  We are part of the solution.  Lotus Race Car2013 Chevy Camaro

Ryan Gosling's Restaurant

Moroccan Restaurant

Ryan Gosling Restaurant Interior Shot

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