Markel’s Now Back Open to Greet 2012. Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Convertible Tops oh my.

New Bench Seat Upholstery.Toyota Pick Up Truck-Circa 1986Fresh New Blue Color on this Convertible TopSteering Wheel DamageMaxime's Beauty Salon New Sign and AwningNew Convertible Top Installed on a Z-3 BMW, which previously had an old worn Convertible Black Top. I suggested a Fresh Blue Canvas Top, and the client was thrilled. Opening drains is a way of life in my world. This is a Huge Source of Leaking Convertibles in general.

We have hit the ground running working on Restoring Dead Porsche Convertible Top Mechanisms back to Life, Building a New Awning/ Signs for Maxime’s Hair Salon in Beverly Hills
For the last 2 days, we have been working on Bringing Back Life to the Seat Upholstery for Dan Tana’s Famous Italian Eatery, Seats springs can break, when you eat all that great food.
You know how it is when you’re steering wheel just doesn’t look or feel right, yes we do things like that too.

On Monday, we are going to be doing modifications to a Brand New E-350 Mercedes, because the client has severe Sciatica Nerve Sensitivity, and we will be modifying his Seat Upholstery, so he can enjoy his Brand New Car. This is often done with different padding in the right places, different angles for the Client’s Body to feel supported and Pain Free.

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