Taming Mustangs

Ford Mustang 2005 Ford Mustang 2005 Ford Mustang“My Convertible Top Mechanism Won’t Work Day”

This happens often enough that it is not a coincidence.  2 Identical 2005 Mustangs come to my shop because in both instances, The tops are not operating normally.

One has a dead motor, so in an effort to keep the costs down for client,  they have opted out of repairing / replacing the motor and instead, we disconnected the hydraulic system and made the top work manually.  Not easy,  but it will work.
Sometimes,  you have to find the simplest solution to a larger problem.

2nd Mustang is low on fluid, so we are looking for any possible leaks in the hydraulic lines and cylinders and filling up the motor so the system works again.

Weird in that the Mustangs are both Silver/Black.  One client a Raider Nation member and sporting the fan license plate frame.

3rd Mustang had upholstery repair on the drivers seat back.With a happy client he came back to have us install a New Black Canvas top and Glass window.


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