Markel*s finally closed it*s doors in 2014, but the “crown jewel”  of Markel*s, Mr. Jorge Monroy, is now over at A.T.’s Upholstery, 10219 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Having worked with Jorge on a daily basis for almost 40 Years,  I truly love and respect him. The reason we were successful, clearly was largely due to his talents and abilities.      call Jorge at the same phone number markel’s had before:  310-274-1501. I have shifted my interests now to building a home in an intentional community in Bali, and separately,   building a Red Clay and Grass Tennis Court Center just outside of Ubud.

It*s been an honor to work with so many thousands of clients over the many years Markel*s has been in business.

My Dad, Fred Hauswirth,  truly inspired  generations during his time in the automotive world.   He passed this past year on October 6, at age 92, married to my Mom, Kate Hauswirth for more than 70 years.  Mom is alive and well and still my best Friend.

Dennis Hauswirth

If you choose to get in touch w me,  my email address is still
Yogidh (at) gmail.com

Markel’s Auto Interiors specializes in automotive upholstery, convertible tops, custom auto interiors, custom sheepskins, leather seats, custom orthopedic seats, rear window replacement, auto seat repair, auto interior repair, aviation / airplane upholstery, auto seat covers, marine / boat upholstery, restaurant upholstery, motorcycle upholstery, and more.

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Markel’s Auto Interiors has been refurbishing and restoring auto upholstery since 1945. This 3rd generation family business is all about customer satisfaction. Most of the staff has been with Markel’s for at least 20 years and longer. It’s no coincidence that people come to Markel’s from all over the country.

We take Tremendous Pride in Transforming your Car’s Interior from Worn to Wonderful. We pay special attention to the Orthopedic seating of your vehicle. The owner, Dennis Hauswirth, is a Certified Yoga Instructor and knows first hand how important it is to sit firmly and upright in your vehicle. This is one of the reasons we carry so many different types of foam, padding and lumbar support. If you’re not comfortable with how your vehicle’s seat feels, you surely won’t be able to ride with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. There really isn’t anything Markel’s can’t do for your Upholstery Needs, be it your kitchen chairs, patio furniture, restaurant booths, or your motorcycle seat, or even your boat or plane.

Many restaurants in Town have used Markel’s over the Years, Including Dan Tana’s, The Real Food Daily, in addition to Morton’s Steak House, and some of the local Beauty Salons, Delis, and even Your Home Easy Chair.

Call us at 310.274.1501, email us at info@atsupholstery.com